Save billions of plastic bottles from the landfill

The average person uses 10 plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles each year. Now you can help save the environment without compromising quality. Our products are so clean they are sold in Whole Foods, yet such high quality they are sold in hair salons.

Salon Quality

Our product line is made with high-quality ingredients and is currently been used in salons all over North America

Free From Parabens

We respect the environment and we respect you. Bottle None is made with natural ingredients without sacrificing quality.

Made in Canada

We hand make all of our products! Jaye and Ali have been making natural products for the past 10 years. Formulating and creating is our passion.

Have you tried our shampoo bars?

Free from SLS, SCS, Phthalates and Parabens.

PH balanced / Salon Grade /  Last 50+ washes.

Bottle None on Dragons' Den

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Aluminum Free Deodorant - It Works!

~Top selling item over the past 10 years ~ Fully Compostable Packaging~

We actually sell as much deodorant as shampoo bars! We even have a baking soda free stick for those with sensative underarms.

Rather than trying to cover up the icky scents, it uses natural ingredients to kill the bacteria that causes the odor.

Use dry shampoo in between washes

Extend your wash time by dusting some of our dry shampoo in your roots.  Nourish your hair and scalp with Marshmallow and Ashwagandha Root.  Offered in compostable packaging and a FAVORITE in salons.

dry shampoo tip: hit your hair with a quick blow dry to remove any excess dust

Talc and Silica free!

Compostable and vegan personal care

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Re-usable Recycled plastic Travel Case

~Diverting plastic from the landfill~

Not only are we providing a plastic free solution, but we are finding creative ways to re-purpose plastic in our system.

Our travel cases are made from North American recycled plastic! Your reusable travel case diverts plastic from the landfill.